The Sunny-Wash 20ft tire wash system is an effective mobile tire wash system and is one of the best products on the market today. It is simple to install, and the effectiveness is simply superb. Its 222 direct nozzles are designed to remove the heaviest of dirt from the tires, both the front face and inside wall of each, including threads, as well as the complete underbody of each vehicle. The 20ft tire wash system will accommodate up to 350 truck movements per day.


As the vehicle approaches, the system automatically starts, and it has a stop timer that can be adjusted depending on your requirements. The 7200-gallon recycling tank receives all the water and waste from the wash bay, where the solids fall to the bottom and the clean water is diverted to the pump section for reuse.

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Small particles are prevented from entering the clean holding section by the baffles, which are screened and filtered. The tank’s mains water enters this clean holding section, where there is also an automatic maximum and minimum water level setting that enables the water to adjust appropriately. As with all tire wash systems, 3 phase power is required, either from the mains or a generator.


  • 20ftx 10ft galvanized wash platform

  • 5ft high side screens

  • Removable steel grid sections

  • 222 direct spray nozzles

  • PLC Control Panel – Fully programmable

  • Inductive loop start, trimer stop

  • 30ft X 8ft X 5.5ft water recycling tank

  • Water tank capacity – 7200 gallons

  • Heavy duty steel construction

  • 3 Year Structure Warranty

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