Choosing the right attachment sweeper can supercharge your fleet’s performance and make your operations a breeze! When picking out an attachment sweeper, here are some important factors to consider.

Size and Compatibility:

Think of it as a perfect match—it’s crucial to ensure that the attachment fits your machinery like a glove. Glanaco has a range of attachment sweepers in sizes tailored for forklifts, skid steers, loaders, telehandlers, and large telehandlers, with sweeping widths from 4.6 feet to 7.9 feet. Our sweepers are built to hydraulically attach to your equipment. And if your machinery isn’t hydraulically compatible, no worries! Glanaco have sweepers that can be powered by an independent power pack. Considering these factors helps you avoid unnecessary expenses and guarantees a perfect fit for your fleet.

Type of Surface:

Different sweepers are designed for specific surfaces, such as concrete, asphalt, or grass, so selecting one that suits your surface is crucial for ensuring effective cleaning. Glanaco’s range of attachment sweepers are suitable for concrete and asphalt use, making them the perfect sweeper for industrial and construction sites of any size.

attachment sweeper

Capacity and Storage:

Pick a sweeper with the right capacity to match your site’s needs and cleaning frequency. Glanaco’s attachment sweepers come with collector bins ranging from 92 gallons to 182 gallons, ensuring all dust and debris are handled smoothly and efficiently.

Additional Features:

Glanaco sweepers come loaded with fantastic features like adjustable brush heights, side brooms, and spray bars. Adjustable brush heights let you switch from sweeping to driving modes effortlessly. Side brooms get into those tight corners and edges, pushing debris towards the main brush for efficient collection. The spray bar helps dampen dust, improving air quality. Every Glanaco sweeper includes spray bars and brush height adjustments, with the option to add side brooms for an extra cleaning boost.

By keeping these practical factors in mind, you can pick an attachment sweeper that perfectly fits your business needs and maximizes your cleaning efforts. With over 15 years of experience in the sweeping industry, Glanaco is your go-to for all things sweeping!

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