Auto Disinfect Systems

The latest Auto Disinfect system is robust, easy to install, and provides exceptional disinfectant coverage, to the underbody, sides and top of any vehicle that might be entering your premises. The system takes your own disinfectant and mixes it with the requires ratio of water, and sends directly to the pump. There are optional mini baths that give more coverage to the tyre threads as they pass over the system allowing one full rotation for cars and vans.

This is a highly effective system and is used throughout Europe in farms, poultry houses, veterinary labs, meat plants and food producers. For further information, and a possible demonstration contact 029 62210 or

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Mist Systems – No Drainage

Mist System Options:
Spray Bar System providing full width coverage
Heavy duty steel construction
Misting Pump with choice of start
PLC Control Panel,
Fully programmable timer shut down
Full Operating & Warning Display Lights
Inductive loop Start, timed Stop.
Misting Nozzles

Full specification  may change from time to time,  so please contact us for the latest combinations.