It is important to carry out routine sweeper maintenance if you want your telehandler and forklift sweepers to operate well. Reduced performance and possible breakdowns can arise from forklift and telehandler sweeper wear and tear. Regular sweeper maintenance also makes it possible to spot minor problems early on and fix them before they escalate.

To maximize your forklift and telehandler sweeper’s performance, try these few tips from Glanaco.

Power Washing

Power wash the attachment sweeper’s interior frequently to keep dirt from collecting. An excessive amount of dirt may make it difficult for the debris container to open or close.

Grease the Castor Wheels and Bearings

The efficiency and lifespan of the attachment sweeper are increased when the castor wheels and bearings are greased at least once a month. This lowers friction and prolongs the life of these parts.

Empty the Water Tank

Make sure the water tank is empty while the telehandler or forklift sweeper is not in use. This will minimize the formation of algae in the tank and lessen the likelihood of pipe breakages during heavy frosts.

telehandler sweeper maintenance

Sweeper Maintenance: Storage

To prevent flat patches on the broom that will hinder your ability to sweep, raise the broom off the ground if it will not be used for a long time. The broom will compress if it is stored on a pallet.

Examining the Hoses

Inspecting the condition of the hoses and the pipe fittings is another aspect of sweeper maintenance. A hose has to be changed if it shows indications of age, breaking, swelling, or abrasion.

Bolt Tightening Check

Make sure that every bolt is securely fastened, and tighten any that are slack. Use well-maintained, certified keys rather than your hands.

Tire Wear

Monitor tire wear to ensure that the sweeper’s profile has not been dropped too much, since this may affect broom wear.

Hydraulic Maintenance

Regularly check the hydraulic fluid in your telehandler or forklift to make sure it stays clean, and replace the oil in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. The oil will stay cleaner if the oil filters are changed.

Check the hydraulic system for any leaks; whatever is causing the leak should be addressed immediately.

hydraulic telehandler sweeper maintenance

Glanaco provides all dealers and customers with a comprehensive operation manual for each forklift and telehandler sweeper. This handbook contains a complete sweeper maintenance guide. If you are unsure about the maintenance of your attachment sweeper or believe it requires additional attention, call Glanaco’s qualified personnel today at 1855 737 8635 or email