GS200 Telehandler Sweeper Attachment


Built to attach to smaller telehandlers, piped directly to the hydraulics, this powerful sweeper will sweep and collect construction debris from access roads and public roads quickly and efficiently.

Designed for construction sites, waste recycling sites, and most heavy industry, this fully Irish made sweeper will attach to all makes and models of telehandlers, converting to a fully functioning road sweeper with collection capacity of 139 Gallons, and a water dust suppression system for dry sweeping.



The Hydraulic system allows for ease of use and function. The oil flow restrictor will only use the optimum amount of oil. Gravity water system ensures excellent dust control. 66 Gallon capacity allows for 1 hour of sweeping before the need to refill.The sweeping brush is made from 100% recyclable materials.

Suitable for smaller Telehandlers, Construction sites, public and access roads, Quarries.


  • Overall Width: 89”
  • Sweeping width: ​79”
  • Weight: 1191 lbs
  • Collector Bin: 139 Gallons
  • LxWxH(”): 81 x 89 x 39
  • Flow rate: 9 Gal/min
  • Width including side brush: 98”
  • Water: 66 Gallons

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