In order to ensure site cleanliness, regulatory compliance, and vehicle longevity, Glanaco is dedicated to helping you choose the ideal wheel wash for your business. To assist you in selecting the best system for your particular needs, consider the following tips:

Assess Your Needs:

  • Identify the vehicles and equipment that will require cleaning
  • Evaluate traffic volume and debris levels
  • Pinpoint specific contaminants for targeted removal

Cost Evaluation:

  • Compare initial, operational, and maintenance costs across different models
  • Consider the long term benefits, including potential water, time, and vehicle maintenance savings
  • Glanaco’s solutions feature low-power consumption components for added efficiency

Wheel Wash Types:

  • Choose between permanent, portable, or modular options based on your site’s dynamics
  • Decide whether an inserted or surface-mounted system suits your traffic flow and site.

Optimal Spray Pattern:

  • Our wheel washes employ a cross pattern spray, focusing on wheels and undercarriages while limiting water spray to 1.4 m.
  • Avoid vertical patterns, which can obstruct the driver’s vision.

Wheel Wash Installation and Integration:

  • Opt for systems that are easy to install and integrate into your infrastructure
  • Ensure compatibility with your layout and traffic patterns
  • Glanaco provides both inserted and surface-mounted options to accommodate different site conditions
  • Prioritize systems with water recycling mechanisms to minimize consumption.
  • Glanaco’s wheel wash systems feature recycling tanks capable of conserving 10,000-60,000 liters of water.

Prioritize Customer Support:

  • Partner with reputable suppliers like Glanaco, offering dependable customer support
  • Review warranty and service agreements for comprehensive coverage

User-friendly Interface:

  • Choose systems with easy-to-use interfaces for seamless operation
  • Opt for accessible control panels to enhance control and management
  • Glanaco’s control systems feature straightforward programming and troubleshooting, with 24-hour backup support.
4 meter wheel wash inserted into the ground

At Glanaco, we’re dedicated to simplifying your journey when selecting the right wheel wash. Count on our team for unwavering support from the outset.

For more information contact us today on 1855 737 8635 or email Visit our website to see our extensive range of wheel washes: